Vivian Fidantsis

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Vivian has experience practicing as an Exercise. Physiologist in the Bayside & Frankston regions of Victoria. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science majoring in strength and conditioning and a master’s degree in clinical Exercise Physiology. Vivian’s work has covered a diverse range of chronic conditions, and has been able to help her clients achieve their goals through safe, progressive, and individualised exercise prescription. Vivian has developed a passion for empowering individuals to create a healthy relationship with exercise.

Vivian enjoys connecting with people, specifically young adults who are looking to engage in exercise in a fun and motivating environment. Her experience includes physiological assessments, body composition measures, strength and endurance based testing, cardiovascular fitness, and balance assessments.

Vivian has a particular interest in exercise for body composition change, lifestyle modification programs and exercise for eating disorders and takes 
a holistic approach to managing chronic conditions. Additionally, Vivian is furthering her knowledge and experience in foot and ankle injury and rehabilitation.

Outside of her role as an exercise physiologist Vivian keeps active and has an interest in mat and reformer Pilates, yoga, tennis, and strength training, and plans to complete further training in clinical Pilates.