Lucy Hampson
Counsellor & Psychotherapist

The passionate founder of Embody Counselling, Lucy is a psychotherapist, yoga, and meditation teacher. Lucy uses a compassionate, somatic and embodied approach to healing, wholeness and trauma integration supporting individuals on their journey.

Lucy offers counselling & psychotherapy on a range of issues such as trauma, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, cancer, long COVID, stress, dreams/nightmares, life purpose, relationships, addiction, and grief.
Some of the tools drawn upon in therapy are somatics, art, parts work
(IFS), movement, compassion practices and mindfulness.

Lucy’s specialty is supporting individuals with chronic health conditions to better understand how unconscious psychological patterns and behaviors can influence health and illness. Lucy uses a whole-body holistic approach; some areas of focus include the relationship between trauma & illness, stress & coping, chronic illness management, self-love & compassion, and exploring the body’s wisdom and messages.

You can contact Lucy, and book a session here.