Dr Susan Barnett
GP Psychotherapist and Medical Educator

Dr Susan Barnett is a GP Psychotherapist and Medical Educator. In 2021 she set up in solo practice to focus purely on providing psychological care.

Susan is passionate about helping clients who are struggling emotionally. Susan works with clients utilising a trauma-informed and client centred approach. Susan believes empowering clients is integral to helping them become their best self. Susan uses a practical and supportive approach for her clients.

‘All humans experience emotional difficulties – I focus on normalising the human experience and providing psycho-education to help clients understand how to work with their mind, not against it.”

As an experienced GP, I intuitively link the mind and body which allows me to provide care for the whole person within the context of their family and community. I work in a collaborative approach with other team members if required. I can (and prefer) to create a Mental Health Plan for my clients during the first session. I am able to prescribe.